Asylum & Immigration

Asylum & Immigration

Our asylum and immigration advice service is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Advice services for immigration are defined at three different levels:

• Level 1 – Initial advice- basic immigration advice within the immigration rules

• Level 2 – Casework – more complex casework, including advice outside the immigration rules

• Level 3 – Advocacy and representation – appeals

Always check that your advisor and the agency are registered with an appropriate body (OISC or Law Society) to provide advice. It is a criminal offence for people who are not registered to provide advice.
RAMFEL is registered at OISC Level 3, and are currently funded to support:

– Destitute families and individuals in Redbridge  (Funded by Redbridge Community fund)

– People living with HIV in Redbridge (funded by Positive East)

– Destitute families and individuals in Essex who are service users of the Red Cross (Big Lottery)

– Destitute families and individuals in Essex (referral partners TBC)

We also offer a low cost fee charging service, for clients who are not covered by charitable funding. For more information on fee charging work or other advice please contact