Violence Against Women & Girls

Violence Against Women and Girls

All RAMFEL staff have received training on working with those affected by domestic and sexual violence. Several staff members also serve on MARACS (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences) supporting specifically women affected by domestic violence with no recourse to public funds.

Making an appointment or referral for advice services

Making an appointment or referral could not be easier, but please remember we may not be able to help if you already have another solicitor or advice agency involved. We do not give second opinions on cases.
For appointments and referrals for members of the public please ring 0208478 4513 or email

If you are a professional looking for help for an individual or family that you are working with then just download the referral form or use the online referral system.

We aim to respond to all enquires for an appointment within 5 working days, if however the issue is urgent then please do also call the office and speak to a member of staff.